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"Physical Tranining and Sport of Ukraine "Dynamo""

Strength in motion and unity

Physical culture and sports teams of law enforcement officers, rescue and other special services

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Top athletes

Daria Bilodid


Lyudmila Luzan


Vasily Mikhailov

Freestyle wrestling

Igor Radivilov

Artistic gymnastics

Marta Fedina

Synchronised swimming

Year of PST's "Dynamo" foundation
people took part in our events in 2022

Priority summer and winter Olympic sports in the PTS of Ukraine "Dynamo"

Types of sports



  • Олімпійські види спорту
  • Неолімпійські види спорту

The close symbiosis of the children’s and youth movement and the experienced Dynamo movement is the basis of our achievements and the foundation of the future of our society

Exchange of experience

Platforms for communication, training, and achieving sports results

Volunteer activities

Company's activities under martial law

National network

Facilities based on regional organisations throughout Ukraine

We cultivate sports and national-patriotic education